Machinery Import & Export Worldwide

We, at Mercer, aim at providing top-class import as well as export services of machinery across the world. Making use of different modes of transportation, we aim at delivering the assurance of seamless import & export solutions for all kinds of machinery out there.

Garment export from India

Indian garments are in demand worldwide because they are of superior quality and are also handmade options available. India has remained ahead of the game in the garment industry with a high production of cotton and silk.

Get Paper Products at a Cost-Effective Price

You can avail cheap price, good quality A4 paper and other paper products for export and sell it to consumers in your chosen country at attractive prices

Our Services

Mercer Enterprises is an Import & Export registered business focused on handling all your purchase, storage, shipping, and delivery needs. Our truly international network of partners provides you with the best solutions.

Sea logistics

Our sea logistics services reduce costs over a more extended delivery period. This is great when saving costs take priority over delivery speeds.

Storage Services

Whether it is short term or long term storage, we have the solutions to all your storage and warehousing needs.

Air logistics

When the focus is speed, our air logistics services help you to send whatever you want to wherever you need.

Toy Export from Germany & India

At Mercer, we serve to be the leading provider of professional import as well as export services of toys from Germany & India. While product sourcing can be quite an overwhelming task for most of the local business owners out there, we aim at providing our...

Machinery 2nd Hand & New Import from Germany

Germany is regarded as the hub of high-quality, multi-purpose new as well as second-hand machinery of all kinds. Whether you are starting a new production unit or need to upgrade the existing one with high-end machinery parts & tools from Germany, you can hire our...

Automobile Spare Parts Import from Germany

  Germany is regarded as the hub of high-quality, multi-purpose new as well as second-hand machinery of all kinds.At Mercer, we serve to be a leading sourcing company or service provider that is committed to enhancing the overall profits of your production-based...

Pedaling to your fortune with cycles export from India

With increasing green awareness, health-conscious people, and soaring fuel prices, the global bicycle industry is booming. India is the next bicycle destination, as there are several exporters in India. Cycles export from India has seen an all-time rise in the...

Vegetables & Fruits Import-Export

  For over a decade, we have helped organizations dealing with fresh fruits & vegetables reach out to the global market by providing our comprehensive range of professional import as well as export services of fruits & vegetables out there. There is no...

Secondhand laptops or computers

Create a revenue stream with investment in secondhand laptops or computersBuying new laptops or computers can be very expensive for people whose work mainly depends on these gadgets. Today, everybody needs a laptop and probably owns one too. However, not everyone can...

Cotton export from India

  Cotton has always played a very important role in the Indian economy and the country’s export industry is mainly cotton based. Cotton export from India is one of the largest industries in the world and only second to China. Being the second largest cotton...







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